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HK, Macao and Taiwan-Related

Department of law

Relying on the geographical advantage, Xinshi has had a large number of Taiwanese businessmen over the past 20 years and handled a large number of Taiwan-related cases. Xinshi is the earliest law firm in which lawyers from Taiwan settle down, and is the law firm in mainland China with the largest number of lawyers from Taiwan, taking the lead in Taiwan-involved legal service areas including commercial affairs of Taiwan-funded enterprises, Taiwan-involved family cases and investment in Taiwan.

The Department consists of three partners, eight senior full-time lawyers, 10 Taiwanese lawyers and professors of Xiamen University Law School. The strong lineup and the integration of cross-strait specialties make it a powerful professional department in Xinshi focusing on, researching and engaging in Taiwan-related legal services. It is also one of the most distinctive departments in Xinshi.

Many of the Taiwanese lawyers have licenses in the United States, Japan and other countries, and their services involve criminal, civil, intellectual property and other fields. Members of the Department are familiar with cross-strait laws, particularly the special provisions of Mainland China laws and regulations on Taiwan-funded enterprises and legal practice of mainland funds investment in Taiwan.

Lawyers of the Department have long paid attention to the changes in cross-strait policies, studied the similarities and differences in cross-strait legal systems and their impact on judicial practice, and discussed the cooperation and joint operation of cross-strait law firms. The Department provides Taiwan investors with professional, high-quality and efficient legal services, protecting the legitimate rights and interests of Taiwan investors and promoting the cross-strait economic cooperation and exchanges.

The Department has provided litigation and non-litigation legal services to dozens of Taiwan-funded enterprises in Xiamen, Shanghai, Fuzhou, Quanzhou, Longyan and other places, conducted hundreds of special trainings and lectures, provided countless legal advices for Taiwan investors,which was highly recognized by Taiwan investors. The scope of Taiwan-funded services has achieved provincial coverage. The service objects include the construction, real estate, processing and manufacturing, IT, service industry, transportation and logistics, trade and other industries.

Lawyers in the Taiwan-related Department have long participated in the Straits Lawyers Forum and received many awards. Meanwhile, with the development of cross-strait relations, Taiwan-related legal affairs become increasingly complex, and Department is constantly deepening the Taiwan-involved legal service structure, in order  to provide a full range of Taiwan-related legal services in respects of Taiwan-funded enterprises' commercial affairs, Taiwan-involved family cases, investment in Taiwan, litigation and arbitration, protection of intellectual property rights, direct and indirect investment, securities issuance, corporate merger and reorganization, project financing, etc.