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XMU Branch


Fidelity Law Firm XMU Branch is located in Xiamen University School of Law, one of the most beautiful university campuses in China. Since established, Fidelity Law Firm has been nurtured by XMU School of Law, as it is the Alma Mater of numerous Fidelity lawyer. Many of Fidelity lawyers in practice now originally come from XMU School of Law, and the law school has been consistently sending a large number of elite personnel of Fidelity every year. 

In 2000, the law firm of XMU School was integrated into Fidelity Law Firm as a whole. Fidelity Law Firm XMU Branch was therefore established. Most professors and lecturers of the faculty has become part-time lawyers in Fidelity Law Firm. Basing on this connection, Fidelity Law Firm has created the system of "expert lawyers" in lawyer practice. 

Fidelity Law Firm XMU Branch adheres to the service philosophy of "Integrity Pragmatic Excellence Innovation". Assisted by Fidelity’s powerful professional teams and giving full play to the system of "expert lawyers", the expert lawyers of XMU Branch provide guidance and support to the practice of Fidelity lawyers in various professional fields such as Civil and Commercial affairs, Criminal Law, and Government administrative affairs. They work together with all colleagues in Fidelity Law Firm, to provide professional, high-quality, efficient and comprehensive legal services for our clients. 

XMU Branch is the solid backing for the development of Fidelity Law Firm, and on the road of specialization, it is also the backbone for Fidelity lawyers to constantly grow and be proud of.