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Department of law

FIDELITY LAW FIRM, as a large comprehensive law firm in Haixi, has profound deep research foundation and rich legal service experience in the field of agriculture-related legal affairs. The Ministry of legal affairs concerning agriculture in the light of facts consists of nearly 70 lawyers, which consists of four project departments: collective land development, land contract right separation, collective economic organization joint stock cooperation system reform and rural finance. The members of the Department are not lack of scholar lawyers with many years of research experience in rural economic system reform, and professional lawyers with rich legal service experience in government / community, collective land acquisition and development, enterprise governance, finance, family affairs, etc.

In recent years, faithful lawyers have provided professional and high-quality legal services for a large number of agricultural related projects, covering the reform of three rural land systems (rural land acquisition, the entry of collective business construction land into the market and homestead system), the separation of three rights of land contracting rights (the separation of rural land ownership, contracting rights and management rights), the confirmation and recovery of rural collective assets, and collective economic organizations Joint stock cooperative system reform, rural collective land development, new rural construction, characteristic town construction, rural land finance, agricultural dispute litigation and arbitration and other fields can provide professional services for government departments, village / neighborhood committees, collective economic organizations, agricultural enterprises and institutions and farmers.

Fidelity has taken the lead in providing legal services for the reform of the collective property right system among lawyers across the province, and Fidelity has provided special legal services for the reform of the joint-stock cooperative system of collective economic organizations to model villages in several prefectures and cities within the province with good results. At present, Fidelity has formed a complete set of operation procedures in the reform of collective property rights system, and has formed model plans related to the reform of collective property rights system in practice: specific implementation scheme model, member identification scheme model of collective economic organization, share cooperation reform scheme model and joint stock cooperation articles of Association.

Legal Services Provided by the Department of Agricultural Legal Affairs

Provide perennial legal counsel services for various agricultural entities in the following scope:

 ◇Annual legal counsel of the competent agriculture authority, sub-district/township/town, village/neighborhood committee

 ◇Perennial legal counsel for production research and operation management of agricultural enterprises and public institutions

 ◇Perennial legal counsel for production research and operation governance of new collective economic organization

The scope of legal services provided for the reform of rural collective property rights covers:

 ◇Assist the ownership and recovery of collective land, homestead and other assets

 ◇Assisting the village (group) in drawing up the scheme for the transformation of rural collective property right (the reform of profit-making asset joint-stock cooperative system) and the scheme for confirming the identities of the members of collective organizations

 ◇To draft, amend and review legal instruments required in the process of the rural collective property right reform

 ◇Assist the village (group) to organize and hold relevant meetings, including meetings of Party members (representatives), village/neighborhood congress, founders’ meeting, meetings of the shareholding council and inaugural meetings of collective economic organizations and assist the formulation of meeting notices, announcements, meeting minutes and resolutions

 ◇Assisting registration of new collective economic organizations.

 ◇Assisting with government funding and tax-related matters in the reform business

The scope of legal services provided for the development and operation of rural collective property rights covers:

 ◇Joint venture and cooperation between villages/neighborhood committees, collective economic organizations, farmers and agriculture-related enterprises, public institutions and other entities

 ◇Expropriation of Collective Land

 ◇ Collective profit-oriented construction land entering the market

 ◇Reform of the homestead system

 ◇Division of the Three Rights: Ownership, Contracting Right and Management Right of Rural Land

 ◇Transaction and transfer of rural property rights (rights to contractual land operations, collective forest rights, rights to use "four types of wastelands", agricultural intellectual property rights, rural collective business asset leasing rights, etc)

 ◇ Construction of featured towns

 ◇New rural development

The scope of legal services specifically provided for rural finance includes:

 ◇Mortgage and secured loan financing of the assets of collective economic organizations (asset-based shares), agriculture-related enterprises, farmers and other subjects

 ◇Agriculture-Related P2P

 ◇ Agriculture-related Equity Crowdfunding

Providing legal business agency for mediation, litigation and arbitration of agriculture-related disputes.