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Community Service

Department of law

Xinshi established the Communiy Legal Department in 2015, in order to implement the The General Office of the Central Committee of the CPC and the General Office of the State Council Print and Issue the Guiding Opinions on Further Promoting the Pilot Program for Community Building in Rural Areas, and actively carry out the work including "one legal counsel for one community" proposed by the Central Party Committee.

The Community Legal Department has gathered over 30 professional lawyers who are enthusiastic about grassroots legal services and have rich experience in practice from Xinshi. Relying on the powerful teaching and scientific research force of the Xiamen University Law School, adhering to the service concept of " Integrity and pragmatism, professional and high quality ", the Department has, since its establishment, entered into consulting agreements with neighborhood committees (villagers' committees) of Huli District, Xiang'an District, Haicang District, Jimei District and other communities, providing legal services such as drafting, review and revision of the bylaws of self-governance organizations, village rules and conventions and other rules and regulations for various sub-districts, communities (villagers' committees) and enterprises and residents within the jurisdiction; daily management of collective assets and the reform of the rural collective property right system; general election; settlement of major difficulties and disputes; legal publicity; and daily legal consultation and other all-round legal services, which have played a great role in promoting the rule of law at the grassroots level, maintaining the stability of the grassroots society and creating a harmonious development environment for the grassroots level, and were highly praised by all relevant departments including the government, sub-districts and communities (villagers' committees).

Our main services include:

1.Providing professional legal opinions on the administration of streets, communities (villagers' committees);

(1) Assisting in drafting, reviewing, amending articles of association of the self-governing organization of the community (villagers’ committee), village rules and conventions, and other rules and regulations;

(2) Providing legal advice for communities (villagers' committees) in management decision-making and election of new committee;

(3) Assisting communities (villagers' committees) in preventing and handling all kinds of major complicated disputes, and participating in dealing with the unexpected group emergency incidents;

(4) Assisting communities (villagers’ committees) in legal publicity, education and training.

2.Providing professional legal services for the daily management of collective assets in communities (villagers' committees) and the reform of the rural collective property right institution.

3.Providing community (village committee) residents with legal consulting and litigation or non-litigation legal services concerning marriage, allotment from one's family properties, inheritance, removal and resettlement, personal injury, etc.

4.Providing litigation or non-litigation legal services in respect of internal management and dispute resolution such as contract, labor and personnel for enterprises within the jurisdiction of the community (village committee).

5.Handling other legal affairs entrusted by communities (villagers' committees), enterprises within the jurisdictions, residents and so on.