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Department of law

As one of the first Chinese law firms that sets foot in the field of banking and financial services, Xinshi provides extensive and in-depth legal services in the field of finance for many clients at home and abroad, accumulating rich experience in professional practice and has established a good reputation in the industry.

Our clients include banks, insurance companies, trust companies, funds and other financial institutions as well as non-financial institutions and individual clients. We mainly provide legal services for investment and financing to influential financial institutions, quasi-financial institutions, state-owned enterprises, large private enterprises and entrepreneurial enterprises in Fujian.

Our services include day-to-day compliance reviews and recommendations, due diligence, deal structure and security structure design, drafting of deal documents, reviews and participation in negotiations, issuance of legal opinions, etc. Our team has a high level of professional ability to provide investment and financing transactions and a variety of complex structural investment and financing legal services.

The legal services in Banking and financial include

 ◇Commercial loans, syndicated loans 

 ◇Private equity funds (including equity investment funds, venture capital funds, government industry guidance funds, etc.)

 ◇Trade financing, commodity financing, letter of credit, letter of guarantee, factoring

 ◇Establishment and amendment of financial institutions

 ◇Financial derivative products, financial innovation

 ◇Auto consumption finance

 ◇Project financing (including real estate projects, energy projects, infrastructure projects, etc.)

 ◇Protection of financial claims, debt restructuring, non-performing assets disposal, management of debt crisis

 ◇Financial retail products, structural notes, QDII business

 ◇Compliance Review of financial institution

 ◇Supply chain finance.

 ◇Internet finance.