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Department of law

Xinshi has been researching deeply and making progress in the traditional fields of marriage and family affairs. Our Family legal department, as an important and professional department, has become an influential team of lawyers in Fujian after years of developmentin legal research and practice. The team has nearly 40 professional lawyers, whose members not only have the background knowledge of pedagogy, psychology, management, economics, sociology, law and so on, but also participate in thousands of pre-action consultation or litigation cases in relation to marriage, inheritance and division disputesand provide related non-litigation legal services, and therefore the whole team has been deeply trusted by clients. The department focuses on the handling of various types of disputes regardingmarriage, inheritance, family wealth inheritance, liquidation of estates, equity division, etc.

The  department will, as always, focus on the agency and business research of matrimonial and family affairs litigation, and to the maximum extent, protect the legitimate rights and interests of the parties , and continue to explore a professional path for matrimonial and family affairs lawyers, and continue to work to promote the legislation improvement of Chinesefamily legal proceedings.

The department shall provide services in the following areas:

 ◇Division of Cohabitation Relationship;

 ◇Marital property;

 ◇Disputes over validity and revocation of marriage;

 ◇Matrimonial Property Agreement;

 ◇Husband and Wife Support;


 ◇Compensation for Divorce Damage;

 ◇Post-Divorce Property;

 ◇Parentage ;

 ◇Children upbringing;

 ◇Disputes over guardianship;

 ◇Disputes over the right to visit;

 ◇Parent support disputes;

 ◇Disputes over adoption;

 ◇Disputes over familyand property division;

 ◇Inheritance of Family Wealth;

 ◇Inheritance and Donation;

 ◇Applications for acknowledgment of foreign court rulings;

 ◇Legal affairs regarding the applicationof recognition of awards rendered by Courts of Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan;

 Other non-litigation legal matters.