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Criminal Law

Department of law

Fidelity Criminal Law Department is a professional legal department established at the beginning of the division of specialization. Criminal defense and criminal non-prosecution business is one of the trustworthy brand business. The lawyer team of Criminal Law Department brings together a group of professional criminal lawyers with profound theoretical knowledge of criminal law and rich experience in criminal legal practice. Adhering to the service concept of "trustworthiness, pragmatism, professionalism and high quality", the Department has established a set of perfect standardized criminal case handling system, which gathers the efforts of the whole department to create a high-quality criminal case project.

The lawyers of Fidelity Criminal Law Department have participated in defending 4.20 Yuanhua smuggling cases, defending cases involving several major smuggling cases, defending cases in which several foreigners are suspected of committing a crime in China, defending cases involving mafia, and have successfully defended innocence in several major cases involving mafia, and have provided professional, efficient and quality legal services to several large state-owned enterprises, and have protected the legitimate rights and interests of criminal suspects, defendants and victims in accordance with the law. They are a capable and trustworthy team.

Fidelity Criminal Law Department cooperates with lawyers from other departments in Xinshi to provide better and more comprehensive legal services to clients.

Business scope of the Department of Criminal Legal Affairs:

 ◇Legal consultancy for criminal suspects and clients

 ◇Represent criminal suspects in appeals and complaints

 ◇Application for Bail for Criminal Suspect

 ◇Defense Counsel for Suspects and Defendants

 ◇Acting as agent ad litem for civil actions collateral to criminal proceedings

 ◇Acting for appeal and application for trial of effective criminal judgments

 ◇Acting for Applying for Commutation, Parole and Execution Outside Prison

 ◇Representation in criminal law negotiations and settlement

 ◇Serving as corporate, corporate or individual criminal counsel

 ◇Give lectures on criminal legal risks of enterprises

 ◇Handle other relevant criminal legal affairs