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Labor and Human Resource

Department of law

Founded in 2007, Xinshi Labor and Personnel Legal Department consists of several senior partners and more than 20 senior lawyers, more than half of whom have master's degrees. Many of them serve as part-time arbitrators of the Labor Dispute Arbitration Committee, and have accumulated rich practical experience in the field of labor management legal affairs.

The Department has profound knowledge of personnel management and operation of various types of enterprises and public institutions, providing comprehensive and extensive special management of labor and personnel as well as regular legal counsels for the daily operation of the enterprise. Besides, the Department is always committed to providing differentiated and practical special management plans for labor and personnel according to the different management needs of clients, and provides systematic solutions for the prevention and control of legal risks for the daily standardized operation of the enterprise.

The Department has developed a legal service product titled as the "Compliance Management and Risk Prevention of Employment by Enterprises", aiming at the compliance management of employment, using four modules called as the "due diligence and risk assessment of employment ", "optimization and upgrading of the compliance management of employment", "routine operation and maintenance of employment" and "stress management in case of emergency of employment ",which can build the "compliance management system for employment" for enterprises, so as to eventually realize the compliance management of employment, balance the rights of both parties in labor relations, and establish a stable and harmonious labor-management relations.

Relying on the profound academic resources of the Xiamen University Law school and increasingly growing legal practices, the Department accurately grasps the latest developments of labor laws, deeply understands the different needs of clients, adheres to the working standards of " Integrity and pragmatism, professional and high quality ", provides professional, high quality and efficient legal services for clients, assisting them in conducting in-depth human resources management, preventing labor disputes, resolving conflicts between labor and management, and promoting the harmonious development of the society.