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Department of law

The Securities Legal affairs Department of the Company is a professional division of FUJIAN FIDELITY LAW FIRM (“Fidelity”), which focuses on the legal field of the Company and the Capital market. Fidelity is one of the first law firms in Fujian Province to obtain the qualification for legal services related to securities, and is now a member of the National Association of Financial Market Institutional Investors with the qualification to provide legal services for enterprises to issue debt financing instruments. Fidelity has always attached great importance to the business of the Company and the capital market. In 2000, it established this department, in which a number of professional lawyers currently engage in the relevant professional legal services.

In many years of practice, Fidelity has provided multi-level and various types of corporate securities and capital market legal services for many different industries, different situations and different types of customers, has accumulated rich experience, and has a profound understanding and grasp of the relevant legal system and practical operation.

Fidelity's legal service capability in the corporate/commercial field has been rated as "Grade I of Eastern Coastal (Fujian)" by Chambers of Commerce and Partners, a renowned legal rating agency, in the 2019 Asia-Pacific Legal Guide. The Chambers of Commerce and Partners also pointed out in the rating that Fidelity "has strong strength in the corporate bond field".

Business Area of the Securities Legal Department of the Company:

 ◇Bond issuance (including but not limited to enterprise bonds, corporate bonds, convertible bonds, exchangeable bonds, SME private placement bonds, short-term financing bonds, ultra short-term financing bonds, and medium-term notes),  Assisting clients in the entire workflow of project examination, due diligence, design of transaction structure and preparation of legal documents;

 ◇Enterprise listings (including the Main Board, the SME Board, the Growth Enterprise Market, the New Third Board, initial public offerings on overseas mainstream stock exchanges, backdoor/backdoor listings) as well as additional offerings, allotment of shares, share splits/mergers, etc., shall assist clients in all the workflow including pre-listing reorganization and restructuring, preparation of legal documents required for listing applications, etc.

 ◇Company merger and acquisition, restructuring and equity incentives,  Assisting clients in the entire workflow of project review, due diligence, design of transaction structure, preparation of legal documents and approval by regulatory authorities, etc.

 ◇Private equity funds are used to assist clients in the establishment and standardization of management companies, the registration of Private equity fund managers and major changes, the issuance, fundraising and record-filing of Private equity fund products, as well as the entire workflow of project review, due diligence, design of transaction structure, preparation of legal documents, delivery by agreement and exit in the investment stage of Private equity funds.

 ◇The perennial legal counsel of a listed company/company listed on the New Third Board includes legal consultation on information disclosure, related-party transactions, corporate governance and other matters, reviewing and drafting of contracts, attending and witnessing the general meeting of shareholders and other day-to-day legal services.

 ◇Asset securitization, assisting clients in selecting underlying assets/underlying assets, designing transaction structures, participating in project negotiations and arguments, preparing legal documents, and assisting clients in handling the approval and record- filing procedures of regulatory authorities, including but not limited to work processes such as project examination, due diligence, design of transaction structures and preparation of legal documents as well as product issuance, record-filing, listing and circulation;

 ◇Assets management: assist bank, insurance, securities, trust and private equity fund clients in issuing asset management products, The workflow for the client such as project examination, due diligence, design of transaction structure, preparation of legal documents as well as the issuance and filing of asset management plans/trust plans;

 ◇Transfer and definition of state-owned property rights.

 ◇Legal affairs of futures, insurance and trust.

 ◇Dispute/dispute resolution relating to the Company and the capital market ((including but not limited to administrative reconsideration, litigation, arbitration and other alternative dispute resolution for legal disputes such as securities fraud, misrepresentation, securities market manipulation, default of debt financing instruments, company, securities, futures, insurance, trust, etc.).

FIDELTY’s Advantage in the field of Corporate and Capital Market Law

Professionalism and rich experience

Fidelity has established a professional Securities Legal affairs Department, which has cultivated and built an excellent team of lawyers specializing in the legal services of the corporate and the capital market. Most of the professional lawyers in the team have a master’s degree, a doctor’s degree or a bachelor's degree. Many lawyers, in addition to the lawyer qualification, also have multiple professional and technical qualifications such as the securities qualification, the fund qualification, the certified public accountant, the certified tax agent and the patent agent qualification, most of whom are compound professionals. After nearly 30 years of professional services, Fidelity has successfully completed a number of company and capital market legal services projects, and has accumulated a wealth of professional experience. Fidelity has been awarded the highest rating of "Ministry of Justice Civilized Law Firm" and "National Outstanding Law Firm" honorary titles.

Division of labor based on specialization and collaboration

Specialized division of labor and cooperation is the core competitiveness of Fidelity. Fidelity now has about 200 lawyers, and has established 16 professional departments including the Securities Legal affairs Department, the Legal Affairs Department of Real Estate and Construction Engineering, the Department of Finance and Legal Affairs, the Department of Foreign Legal Affairs, the maritime legal affairs departmen, the Department of Criminal Legal Affairs, the Ministry of Labor and Law, and the Intellectual Property Legal Department, which can provide clients with all-round legal services in various fields. Adhering to the principle of providing the best service for clients, we will provide comprehensive and comprehensive professional services to clients guided by the most experienced lawyers in the corresponding professional departments according to the nature of legal problems faced by clients.

Powerful scientific research force of Law School of Xiamen University

The strong scientific research force of Xiamen University School of Law is the comparative advantage of Fidelity. Xiamen University School of Law has many well-known scholars in the industry, they work as part-time lawyers in Fidelity Xiamen University Branch. Fidelity has established the unique "expert lawyer" system in the legal profession of Fujian Province. The legal experts of Xiamen University act as expert lawyers in different departments according to their specialties. They can not only provide expert opinions on difficult legal problems encountered by their clients, but also translate their latest theoretical research results into legal practice. Being able to share the powerful scientific research strength of Xiamen University law school is the comparative advantage of Fidelity.

International associations and partnerships provide cross-border integrated legal services

Xinshi cooperates with Huo Jinlu Lovells, one of the world's top law firms, and has established a joint venture office in Shanghai Free Trade Area to provide legal services. It is the first law firm in Fujian Province and the third law firm in China in joint venture with a foreign law firm. Xinshi and Huo Jinlu Wei provide, through the joint venture, integrated legal services that incorporate international law and PRC law for customers doing business in the PRC and internationally. There are more than 10 Taiwanese lawyers in Xinshi, and it is the largest law firm in mainland China with Taiwanese lawyers. In addition, Xinshi has established long-term friendly cooperative relations with other international law firms as well as accounting firms in Central Asia, Taiwan, Europe and America, and is committed to providing better legal service platforms for the cross-border capital market business of clients.

A trustworthy and pragmatic work style

Honesty and pragmatism work style is the fundamental guarantee of providing quality legal services in Xinshi. Being honest, down-to-earth and enterprising — this is the principle of Xinshi, and also the working style of lawyers in Xinshi. Adhering to the spirit of integrity and pragmatism of Xinshi to provide customers with high-quality legal services, Xinshi, as always, never give up the pursuit.