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Intellectual Property

Department of law

Fidelity’s Intellectual Property Legal Department is organized by a team of selected lawyers. In view of the characteristics of the development of the field of intellectual property, the department brings together a group of senior intellectual property lawyers with great expertise and rich experience in the field of intellectual property litigation and non-litigation, including experts specializing in intellectual property studies in law schools of key universities. Most of the lawyers from the Fidelity’s Intellectual Property Legal Department have dual education background in science, engineering and law, and many of them are "double-certificate lawyers" holding the practicing certificates for patent agents, and are good at handling difficult and complex legal affairs on intellectual property.

The business scope of Fidelity’s Intellectual Property Legal Department covers patents, trademarks, copyrights, network laws, trade secrets, unfair competition and other aspects, and the industry involves a wide range. In recent years, not only has traditional intellectual property business such as patent, trademark and copyright been strengthened, but also great achievements have been made in intellectual property business such as trade secret, unfair competition, information network, integrated circuit, high-tech and franchise.

Since its establishment, The Intellectual property Legal Affairs Department of Fidelity has provided intellectual property legal services to many famous companies and high-tech companies, and won the trust of customers with its efficient and high-quality services, and won the support and encouragement of many new and old customers. In recent years, Fidelity's Intellectual Property Legal Affairs Department has focused on providing full legal services for high-tech enterprises. Since the establishment of enterprises, it has formulated intellectual property strategy for enterprises, assisted enterprises to strengthen the development, management and application of intellectual property, and made the intellectual property play its due role, greatly improving the competitiveness of enterprises.

The cooperation between reliance intellectual Property Legal department and other professional lawyers in various fields enables us to provide more professional, more comprehensive and more effective legal services to our clients.

Legal Services from Fidelity Intellectual Property Legal Department:

 Construction of legal protection system of enterprises' intellectual property rights;

 Assist the collation and inspection of various intellectual property rights and interests of the enterprises;

 Planning and designing the enterprise's major short-term and long-term development strategies on intellectual property rights;

 Acting as agent to apply for registration, renewal, alteration, transaction and intellectual property rights related information inquiry, business negotiation and so on;

 Investigating into the information about the infringer, the infringing act and the infringing commodities;

 Conducting market surveys on the use of trademarks, patents and other rights and interests, trading prospects and other aspects;

 Overall investigation of the whole intellectual property rights and interests of the target object;

 To defend against suspected intellectual property crimes of the types described above. 


 Acting as a patent consultant and providing legal advice on patent protection strategies and risk prevention measures;

 Provision of legal opinions on patent application license, patent transfer and patent investment;

 To advise on all legal matters in patent reexamination procedures and patent invalidation procedures;

 Acting as agent for various legal affairs of patent application right disputes and patent contract disputes;

 To advise on various legal affairs in patent administrative investigation and punishment;

 Acting as an agent in patent infringement litigation, including evidence preservation before litigation, application for injunctions and trial activities at various stages. 


 Applying for trademark registration (including registration at home and abroad) on commission, rejecting the application for review of the trademark, and filing the application for invalidation and cancellation of the registered trademark on commission;

 Acting as a trademark consultant and providing legal advice on trademark protection strategies and risk prevention measures;

 Providing legal advice on licensed use of trademark, transfer of trademark rights and trademark investment;

 Supervising trademarks and conducting investigations and collecting evidences, and providing legal opinions;

 To advise on legal affairs in trademark administrative investigation and punishment;

 To advise on trademark infringement investigation and evidence collection and various civil litigations of trademark infringement disputes (including trademark infringement among trademarks, trademark right conflict with enterprise name right and trademark right conflict with network domain name);

 To advise on the legal affairs in connection with the application for the recognition of well-known trademarks;

 Providing various legal services for the protection of the right of enterprise names.


 Legal affairs relating to computer software copyright: including legal affairs relating to the use and transfer of software licensing, legal affairs relating to disputes over software ownership, disputes over software contracts, and disputes over software infringement;

 Legal affairs in relation to the copyright of works as prescribed in other laws and regulations, such as written works, fine art works, photographic works, audio-visual works and drawings of designs, including the legal affairs in relation to the licensing of copyright and transfer of rights, the handling of copyright ownership registration and the resolution of copyright ownership disputes, contract disputes and infringement disputes as agents;

 Legal affairs concerning network dissemination of copyright: including providing legal argumentation on whether a specific act of network dissemination of copyright constitutes infringement, acting as an agent in legal affairs relating to network dissemination of copyright of various works such as film and television works, musical works, written works and web page contents, acting as an agent in copyright network infringement lawsuits, acting as an agent in legal affairs relating to administrative protection against copyright network infringements and criminal prosecution.

Trade Secrets

 Maintenance of trade secrets of the enterprise;

 All enterprise trade secrets have been transferred;

 Construct the trade secret protection system;

 Trade secret trainings;

 Examining and drafting the Confidentiality Agreement;

 Civil action to protect trade secrets; and

 Trade secret criminal litigation agency;


 Act as the legal adviser of the website, answer legal questions on the website operation and provide legal opinions and suggestions on the legitimacy of the content of website operation;

 Handling website record-filing, copyright registration of websites and trademark registration of websites;

 Legal affairs such as litigation, arbitration and administrative handling relating to the website; and

 Various legal disputes arising from network operations shall be settled through lawyer's letters, consultations and negotiations; legal affairs relating to the dissemination of copyright on the Internet;

 To advise on all legal matters arising from network domain names, including the legal argument for the legitimacy of domain name registration, disputes arising from domain name and trademark conflicts, disputes arising from misappropriation of domain names, domain name infringement disputes, domain name acquisition and other legal matters.

Unfair competition

 Acting as a litigation agent for unfair competition cases;

 Unfair competition non-litigation legal services.