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Real Estate and Construction

Department of law

The Legal Department of Real Estate and Constructionis a professional department with Xinshi’s traditional advantages. Since its inception, the department has walked at the forefront of the industry with advantages of professional teams and rich service experience, and now has a number of outstanding and senior lawyers including. expert lawyers working on the legal research in Xiamen University School of Lawand professional lawyers with rich practical experience in handling dispute resolution and non-litigation for the real estate and construction cases. Meanwhile, quite a number of lawyers have engineering professional qualifications and compound knowledge background, and are good at handling difficult and complex legal affairs in the field of real estate and construction and other related fields.

Thedepartmenthas rich experience in providing various legal services for major participants in the fields of real estate and construction,including government departments, real estate developers, construction enterprises, supervision entities, design entities, financial institutions, real estate private equity funds, owners of self-use projects, and domestic and foreign investors. In the recent years, with the booming development of the real estate industry, the department, relying on Xinshi’s professional advantages in the field of M&A, financial securities, bankruptcy and reorganization, not only profoundly engages in the traditional legal service in the field of real estate and construction, but also constantly develops legal service products in some new fields such as real estate finance, non-performing assets of real estate, bankruptcy and reorganization of real estate enterprises, bankruptcy and reorganization of construction enterprises.

The Department relys on its rich experience in providing legal services throughout the whole process and therefore, lawyers can have a deep understanding of the needs of clients. In the field of non-litigation legal services, the departmentdesigns complete, efficient and more secure, stable transaction structure, and provides one-stop consulting services for clients in the whole process from the beginning of an investment project, to the operation and management of the project investment as well as the income and withdrawal of the project, in order to better achieve clients' business objectives and prevent legal risks as much as possible. In the area of dispute resolution, the department provides in-depth analysis of background information on thecase analysis, agency services, guidance on the providing of valid evidence by clients, and maximum protection of the legitimate rights and interests of clients. 

Scope of Legal Services

Real Estate

 ◇The bidding, auction and listing of land use rights;

 Land expropriation, demolition compensation and other relevant legal matters;

 ◇The whole process management of project design and planning, ,construction application, construction, sales, mortgage and delivery of real estate for the real eatste projects;

 ◇M&A of real estates, management and disposal of non-performing assets;

 ◇Real Estate Financing/Corporate Bond Issuance;

 ◇Operation, lease and property management of commercial real estates;

 ◇Implementation of policies on, collection of and agency for the housing of overseas Chinese-compatriots;

 ◇Bankruptcy and reorganization of real estate enterprises;

 ◇Mediation, litigation and arbitration in relation to real estate disputes. 

Construction Projects

 ◇Draft and review tendering and bidding documents for the construction projects;

 ◇Contracting and subcontracting of the construction projects;

 ◇Preparation,negotiation and execution of contract documents of theconstruction projects;

 ◇Contract performance and process services of the construction projects;

 ◇Construction project settlement, claims and counterclaims;

 ◇Bankruptcy and reorganization of construction engineering enterprises;

 ◇Mediation, review, litigation, and arbitrationfor the construction project disputes.  


 ◇Project transaction structure design;

 ◇Production of project contracts;

 ◇Establishment of project company;

 ◇Project financing (asset securitization, syndicated loan);

 ◇Project operation management and handover;

 ◇Conciliation, litigation and arbitration in relation to the project disputes.