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About Fidelity

About Fidelity

Fidelity Law Firm (hereinafter referred to as Fidelity), established in 1989, with more than 400 licensed lawyers, is a leading law firm combining with competitive expertise and comprehensive legal services in Fujian Province. Fidelity, headquartered in Xiamen, has 14 offices distributed in Shanghai, Fuzhou, Quanzhou, Longyan, Zhangzhou, Sanming, Putian, Ningde, Nanping, Xiamen FTZ District, Jimei Districtand Xiamen University (branch), Shanghai FTZ with Hogan Lovell and Xiamen FTZ with Guanghe Taiwan. 

Fidelity has 16 professional departments and is capable of providing legal services on all areas. With thirty-year professional practice , Fidelity has developed into a leading legal service provider on M&A, reorganization & liquidation, financial securities, real estate and construction, intellectual property, foreign investment, investment in Taiwan, litigation and arbitration. 

Fidelity has been awarded the top titles of the legal industry—“Civilized Law Firm by the Ministry of Justice” and “National Excellent Law Firm”. From 2019 to 2023, Chambers and Partners, an international leading firm producing rankings for the legal industry, ranked Fidelity as the Band One law firm in Fujian (Corporate/Commercial) for three consecutive years. 

Fidelity lawyers 

Among Fidelity lawyers, near 20 of them have doctorates; over 90 have master’s degree, including almost 30 professors and vice-professors, as well as almost 40 arbitrators. Moreover, some of them are certified tax agents, certified public accountants and patent agents. Most of the professors and vice-professors in the Law School of Xiamen University are part-time lawyers of Fidelity. Relying on the teaching and academic research strength of the Law School of Xiamen University, Fidelity is capable of applying the latest achievement in law research to legal practice timely. It has been playing a leading role in the combination of academic research and legal practice in the legal service industry. 

Fidelity lawyers have won honorable titles such as “National Outstanding Lawyers”“Top Ten Lawyers in Fujian Province”“Outstanding Lawyers in Fujian Province”“Civilized Faithful Advanced Lawyers of Fujian Province”“Outstanding Youth Lawyers in Fujian”“Top Ten Outstanding Young Lawyers in Fujian Province” “Prize of Contribution to Fujian Lawyer Profession”“Outstanding Party Lawyers in Fujian”“Prize of Special Contribution to Xiamen Lawyer Profession”“Excellent Lawyers in Xiamen”“Excellent Builders of Socialist Cause of Chinese Characteristics in Xiamen”“Excellent Arbitrators in Xiamen”“Outstanding Workers on Protection of Consumers’ Rights and Interests” and “Outstanding Social Responsible Lawyers”. 

Global Partnership 

Fidelity has cooperated with the world’s leading law firm—Hogan Lovells, to jointly operate in Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone, becoming the first law firm in Fujian, third in China to conduct join operation with a foreign law firm. Through join operation, Fidelity and Hogan Lovells provide integrated legal services for the domestic and international clients in accordance with both international laws and Chinese laws. Fidelity has also established long-term cooperative relations with other international law firms and accounting firms in areas of Europe and America, Central Asia, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. It is dedicated to providing better legal services on international investment for its clients. 

Fidelity is the firm that has the largest number of Taiwanese lawyer in Mainland China, with more than ten Taiwanese lawyers. In 2019, Fidelity and Guanghe Law Firm(based in Taiwan, China)set up a joint venture office in Xiamen Pilot Free Trade Zone, which becomes the first law firm jointly organized by mainland and Taiwan law firms, promoting resource sharing between mainland and Taiwan law firms, and achieveing complementary advantages, mutual benefit and common development. 

Fidelity Lectures 

Fidelity has set up Fidelity Lectures and regularly invite legal experts such as senior partner lawyers, directors of legal affairs of famous enterprises and professors of Law School of Xiamen University to give lectures and train the legal personnel of enterprises to enhance their legal skill and the sense of legal management of enterprises, help enterprises to complete risk control system, and provide legal support for the healthy development of enterprises. 

Fidelity Research Institute 

Fidelity has established the "Fidelity Research Institute" to fully integrate the research forces inside and outside, and strive to build a "think tank" of Fidelity “Fidelity Research Institute” is a platform that comprehensively presents the professional skills, business research and development, political participation and culture of the firm. It is realized the purpose of "empowering lawyers, creating value for customers, and fulfilling responsibility for society" through investigation and research, R&D and innovation of legal service products, essay editing, academic exchange, and political participation.